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Does your career fit you like a bespoke suit or do you feel like it doesn’t fit you these days? In our fast-changing business world, it is unlikely that the role or career you’ve chosen will suit you for life…

Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel to bounce out of bed like the ten year-old you again, raring to get to work?!

Janet Murray’s Career Change coaching and consulting will put you back on track. Working one-on-one you will:

  • Gain more clarity about your career choices so far, and what direction you’re aiming for in the future
  • Understand what kind of change it is you seek: greater meaning, greater rewards or greater autonomy (or all three!)
  • Learn techniques for managing your stress to enable you to thrive in your working life and have energy left over to have a fulfilling home life as well.
  • Develop authentic and powerful communication techniques to fast-track you through your current organisation or network you skillfully to the new role you seek
  • Understand whether you’re really built for entrepreneurship, or are more suited to a high-level corporate role.
If I told you that your life in ten years time would be exactly the same as it is today, would you be OK with that? If not, it’s time to embrace this time of change and to create a life that makes you zing with excitement, happiness and purpose. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now and talk to Janet.......