Janet Murray is an experienced, inspirational and practical change agent with over twenty years’ experience in both the corporate world and as a successful entrepreneur. 

She is known for her outstanding results for her clients and is passionate about helping and empowering you to get exactly where you want to with your life both personally and professionally.

Janet’s corporate background was with Shell UK/Shell International for more than a decade, where she had a successful career negotiating and trading oil.

Subsequently, Janet co-founded and launched her own training delivery and publishing business that she later successfully sold and which continues to thrive today.

Some of the expert coaching services provided by Janet Murray include:

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More about Janet

She continues to consult individuals , and is retained as an ongoing consultant by many of her past clients for her rare blend of intuitive personal wisdom and hard-nosed strategic and operational nouse. Janet’s clients range from entrepreneurs, politicians to law firms and tech companies. She is also a business coach at Imperial College London on their Climate-KIC Programme, Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership coaching post graduate entrepreneurs on start-ups and innovation for businesses that help to mitigate climate change. As a mentor to both MBA graduates at the Imperial Business School and also to start-ups in the Clean-Tech environment at London Business School, Janet has a passion for inspiring and coaching both individuals and businesses to succeed with a focus on creating mindfulness and sustainability.

Janet is a partner at, a training organisation and well-being experts who use the latest research from neuroscience and psychology and whose focus is on supporting individuals and teams to optimise their performance and excel in the workplace. Using mindfulness can help those exercising leadership to tap into the clarity and creativity necessary to ensure wisdom in decision-making and focused, authentic leadership.

A natural at training new entrepreneurs in the art of leadership,team building and communication, she’s also passionate about working with more established HNWI to optimize their lives, and to consider philanthropy as part of their portfolio of activities and investments, especially in the environmental arena. She herself was a trustee and treasurer of and she regularly spent time in Cambodia working with the children still suffering from the absence of almost two generations of adults after the Khmer Rouge genocide. An inspirational leader and communicator, Janet holds a BA in Business Studies from University of Manchester and a Professional Diploma in Marketing. She later trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (the science of human change and motivation) under the personal tutelage of Richard Bandler, the Founder of NLP (who also trained Paul McKenna) and holds the highest level (Master) as an NLP Practitioner, and is certified in hypnotherapy. She continuously invests in her continued professional development as a change agent and has trained with both Joseph McClendon III and Anthony Robbins, two further world leaders in the field of Neuro-science and performance optimization. She is a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management and is constantly challenging herself and maximising her expertise in this field. Janet was personally mentored by Ali Campbell, considered by the profession to be one of the worlds very best NLP Practitioners, and is a personal coach trained by CTI (Coach Training Institute). She is also accredited in Alternate Dispute Resolution a skills that she finds highly valuable when helping clients to manage difficult situations both personally and business wise. Janet is also the personal development and executive coach at the Chelsea Health Club and is a published author in the personal development field (books available on Amazon).

Janet also brings together a team of highly experienced associates that work together to provide first class courses for larger groups and businesses.